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   Bowell Electric Technology Co.Ltd is established in 2005, professionally engaged in designing, manufacturing and salesing of electric vehicles, which includes golf cart, utility vehicles, sightseeing bus and hunting buggy, all of the vehicles are only manufactured for export, international market share is our main target. But steping with devolpment of our international business, we received many other inquires about electric vehicels, which we did not provide at that time, so we started to pay some attention on the vehicles of the different areas and collecting related information. From 2008 year our company started to invest some new projects together with other factories, which we choose carefully from the donestic market. Besides new technical support team, our company also build a new marketing group, which mainly take in charge of collecting international market information of kinds of electric vehicles and feedbacking the information to our partner factories, this much helped partner to make right decision and manufacture right electric vehicles according to the international market tendence. Up till now, our new projects have spreaded to electric bikes, electric scooters, electric motorcycles and so on. 
    We never stop keeping making effort to increase the competitive capacity of our vehicels, ¡° quality¡± and ¡°cost¡± is our basic orientation: ¡°quality¡± is the soul of product, product of low quality is just like a hunman with no soul, sooner or later he will be deserted out of the society, ¡°cost¡± is another important fact in the competition, our company tried best and will keep trying to control the ¡°cost¡±, but we are never allowed to sacrifying¡±quality¡± for ¡°cost¡±, ¡° quality¡± is always the first ! It is just our principle. 
   Thanks to the efforts of all of the staff, our company has obtained a quick development during these years, and our vehicles have been exported to over 15 countries, including U.S, Russia., Mexico, France, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Sweden,, Greece, Australia etc.  
   Please believe that our company will be one of the best choices for you in China! 
   Looking forward to cooperating with you!
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